Supplies for Those in Need!

A couple weeks ago, we gathered with many others in Eugene to participate in World Refugee Day. We invited those there to put together school kits for refugees around the world. Altogether, we were able to collate and drop off 102 school kits!

On top of that, we were donated $1527 toward more school kits. And we received donations from local businesses, such as 600 bars of soap from Market of Choice.

Perhaps you are disappointed because you couldn’t make a school kit. I get it. I’d be disappointed too. But, here this: IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!! That’s right, you can still make school kits and have them arrive to refugee kids around the world.

Follow the instructions on this page and get the kits to one of the locations on the page:
MCC School Kits

NOT ONLY THAT, but you can also make kits that will directly assist asylum seekers on the border between US and Mexico! However, there is a rush need for these kits! There is a need of a huge number of kits by July 31. Please rush and get these together by then! Find out more here: MCC Asylum Kits

It’s never too late to help people in need!

Steve Kimes