Pentegon v. The Planet

Eugene Mennonite joins with local activist group CALC to post this ad in the local paper, the Register-Guard. We invite other individuals to join us in signing this ad by emailing Michael Carrigan at by May 19th. 

Ad Text:

Planet vs. the Pentagon: Fight Climate Change Not War

As the single largest institutional user of oil in the world and one of the worst polluters, the U.S. military is a huge contributor to climate change. For the sake of a livable planet for our children and grandchildren as we approach a point of no return with climate change, the U.S. military must be part of the solution.

The U.S. now spends $750 billion a year on the military compared to about $21 billion annually to address climate change. According to a recent report, we should be spending $55 billion a year to seriously tackle climate change. Less than five percent of the military budget, which could be easily found by eliminating waste, would fill that spending gap—and we'd still be spending more than the next eight countries.

The Trump Administration must stop denying that climate change is happening and, in
conjunction with Congress, take the following actions:

• Establish a cabinet level department whose sole mission is to fight climate change 

• Cut Pentagon spending to fund programs that decrease the threat of climate change and which promote clean energy and help build healthy and sustainable communities

• Block the passage of a Pentagon budget until the Pentagon passes an audit

• Allocate 55 billion annually to address climate change

• Require the Pentagon to develop a plan to decrease fossil fuel use and carbon releases

• End the exemptions for the military from adhering to climate treaties. Transferring funding from the wasteful excesses of military spending to real programs to save 
our planet is an immediate and achievable action we must take to ensure our long-term future.

Please add your name to the ad by emailing Michael Carrigan at by May 19th. 

Steve Kimes