Storage for Huts: A Picture Essay

Community Supported Shelters provide villages full of Calistoga huts for folks on the street to live in as they wait for permanent accommodations to be provided. The huts are comfortable, but small and with little storage. Eugene Mennonite Church’s winter project this year was to provide storage boxes for each of the huts in CSS’s Veteran’s Village.

When a person is living on the street, their possessions often look like “trash”. Because the accumulation of any of the necessary items we have when we are organizing them, or sorting through looks like garbage. For most of us, sorting and storing happens behind closed doors, where we are happily shielded from the judgments of our neighbors. Not so with our houseless neighbors. Living in small accommodations, it is essential for dwellers of small spaces to have sufficient, dry storage to keep one’s possessions in. This prevents passers-by to see our most essential possessions to seem like “junk”. Our privacy is our protection from being judged.

This is the second set of storage boxes Eugene Mennonite provided for CSS. The first set were designed by Mike Barber and Randy Friesen. Randy adjusted the design for this set of boxes. Both sets were designed and built in Randy’s wood shop in his barn, with Gary Harmon assisting. Up to ten members of Eugene Mennonite Church was involved in the creation, staining and installing of the storage units.

Begun last fall, they were finally installed April 13.

Steve Kimes