Loans to End Homelessness

A couple weeks ago, we connected with Advocacy5. They had a couple who used to be on the street, and then they were provided housing, if they could pay for that housing in a few months. They worked hard, got jobs and were paying their rent regularly.

Unfortunately, the landlord asked them to move. They were on the street again.

Advocacy5 provided them a hotel room for a few days and they were able to find another apartment. However, they were 2400 dollars short of obtaining a deposit and first month’s rent. There were programs to help no income people, but not people with regular income. But they were about to be trying to do their work being homeless. Again.

Advocacy5 has a program where people who are close to homelessness might obtain loans, if there are enough donors to provide. Eugene Mennonite was one of a number of donors, allowing this couple to obtain new housing in just a weekend.

Now, over six months, that couple will pay the loan back and all the donors will have their money returned to them, complete, without interest.

If you are interested in preventing homelessness through loans, please contact Advocacy5. They have already provided 22 loans which have been paid in full.

Get more information by emailing them at

Steve Kimes