MCC Supports Caravans Before They Reach the Border

“For many, Ledón said, “It’s not about seeking better conditions. It’s about being able to remain alive. They say, ‘We are going to die at home if we do nothing, so better to die trying.’”

”MCC partners with many church and community organizations in Central America and Mexico to show compassion to migrants ‒ not just those who are part of caravans, but migrants who have traveled to or returned from the U.S. for many years.

“For example, MCC supports Voces Mesoamericanas’ efforts to protect the human rights of migrants, including children and youth, while they are kept in a Mexican detention center. Voces Mesoamericanas is now coordinating volunteers from San Cristobal, Mexico, to walk with people in caravans.

“The volunteers’ presence helps to diminish the chance of violence from authorities or organized crime in the area, Ledón said. People in the caravans also benefit as volunteers listen to them, advise them about safe routes and pay extra attention to those who lag behind.

“To address migrants’ physical needs, MCC is funding mobile units – carrying water, food, first aid, footwear and canteens – that accompany caravans of migrants through the Mexican states of Chiapas and Oaxaca.”

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Steve Kimes