Editorial on Measure 105

A new proposition for the Oregon constitution has been sent out to voters about taking out the “Sanctuary Laws” which means that local or state police will not participate in gathering or arresting immigrants for the federal Homeland Security or other agencies. These laws limit the state from enforcing national immigration laws. This measure wants local officers to be allowed, and in some cases, force local agencies to participate with federal agencies in this way. Eugene Mennonite collectively responded:

From Abraham to Moses to John to the book of Hebrews, the whole Scripture is full of commands to God’s people to love immigrants.  Immigrants are among our brothers and sisters, and it is written, “You must treat the immigrant among you as you would the citizen.”  It is a basic duty before God to welcome, to assist, to love and to benefit the immigrants who come to our land.

So many want to think of refugees as criminals. The majority of those coming are our brothers and sisters, in need, asking for help and willing to work.  Measure 105 ceases the Sanctuary laws that allow us to show compassion to our neighbors who need our compassion and care.  To take those protections away could criminalize our actions of love. 

Please, if you love God, if you want to give love to those who are suffering, vote against Measure 105.  Vote against it, for love is the right thing to do.

-Pastor Steve Kimes for Eugene Mennonite Church

Steve Kimes