About Eugene mennonite

Eugene Mennonite is a small congregation

with a huge heart

EMC women.jpeg

We are here to love God, to offer him worship and prayer and devotion.  And God leads us to welcome and love all people, whether LGBTQ or straight. No matter what ethnicity or race.  No matter what religion. No matter what social class. Yes, we are primarily white and middle class. But we are learning how to love, through our Lord who is poor, of color, and executed as a revolutionary.  We hope to learn with you.

Our congregation has those whose professional life is helping those most in need in our community.  And many of us use our free time to help others in need. We are small enough to love each person who comes through our doors and large enough to make an impact on our community

As a Mennonite church, we believe that Jesus is guiding the world to be at peace through acts of peace and justice and mercy.  We pray and work and live to establish justice and peace in our city and in our world.

We believe in Jesus.  But most of all, we believe in Jesus in YOU.  We believe that God can be shown in the world through our hands and loving words.


Eugene Mennonite Church meets every Sunday at Wellsprings Friends School, 3590 W 18th Ave in Eugene.  We also have small meetings on various weeks. Call Steve at 541-343-9548 and find out the times and places.  Or just call to chat. Or ask him for a meal. Whatever.

Oh, and our email is peaceofeugene@gmail.com. That’s a great way to contact us.


Pastor Steve Kimes was a pastor among the homeless in Gresham and Portland, Oregon for more than twenty years before he began to serve at Eugene Mennonite. He is a founder of Anawim Christian Community and Village of Hope.  He is the author of Long Live the Riff Raff: Jesus’ Social Revolution and Street Level: A Christian Introduction to Homelessness.

But Steve’s most important work is his partnership with his wife who housed more than 60 different people in their apartments and houses over thirty years, fed thousands of people, provided people with new starts to life, and raising three of their own children.  

Steve also has a Facebook page on which he daily rants.  Or posts puns. As the Spirit leads.